Wasabi Blues is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer born in Atlanta GA. At the start of his career, he was primarily a producer with early releases being all instrumental based projects. His debut Electronic/Glitch Style EP, Glitch Vybez, was released in 2016. The track titled Game alongside Game (Remix) would go on to being his most streamed track as of 2020. In 2017, Wasabi Blues released his first album Unraveled Thoughts entirely produced by him. The sound of the album leaned heavily to Hip-Hop influence. The most notable songs off the release was Star Dust and Me & You. His second album, ani(Me), also entirely produced by him, was released the following year in 2018. The notable songs were Me & Anato To.

In 2019 Wasabi Blues would release his debut R&B/Rap single The Comeback. His sound was influenced/shaped by artists such as T-Pain. Throughout the year he would release multiple singles such as Smile, You, & Stay. In 2020 Wasabi Blues plans to release his first single of the year titled Be Mine which is a smooth love R&B song set to release on Valentines Day.

Business: contact@wasabiblues.com